Unlocking the Future

In 2012 the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe launched a new initiative entitled, Unlocking the Future, which has: 

Overall Long-Term Objectives

1. To Provide an education which is not just academically good, but also includes:

  • Jesuit Ethos,
  • Christian Values,
  • Personal Spiritual Growth & Development,
  • Awareness of Important Social Issues confronting the Modern World,
  • Motivation to become People for Others

2. To Provide quality education to the marginalised and disadvantaged in society.

3. To Give marginalised youth tools for life, so that they:

  • Become future leaders
  • Who are motivated and capable of transforming society,
  • Replacing the current political, social and business leaders,  many of whom are motivated by retaining personal power, and acquiring personal wealth. 

Hope for Final Impact

Transforming society from the present where many are marginalised, to a future just and integrated society which uplifts the poor, and where the entire nation is able to develop for the common good.

St Paul's Secondary, Musami

Finding God in All Things:   
A Jesuit school recognises that every aspect of its work can affirm the goodness and presence of God.

Caring for the Individual:   
A jesuit school focuises on the all-round formation of each person.

Showing Love in Deeds: 
A Jesuit school is characterised by generosity in service to others, particularly where human dignity is threatened.Building Christian Community:  

Buildiing a Christian Community:
A Jesuit school fosters a faith commitment to Christ, and prepares pupils for a fuller participation in the life of the Church.

Engaging with the Wider World:   
A jesuit school helps pupils to be sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses in contemporary society, and to witness to Christ's presence in that society.

Encouraging Excellence:   
A Jesuit school is distinguished for its academic, religious and pastoral provision, throgh which it encourages the fullest possible development of talents.

Cooperating in Jesuit Mission:   
A Jesuit school works in cooperation with other Jesuit schools and ministries in the light of the apostolic and education aims of the Society of Jesus.