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4th Year

Emmanuel Banda

Emmanuel Banda was born in Seke, Chitungwiza,
where he also did his schooling,
first at Vimbai Primary, then at Seke One High School.
He joined the Jesuit Novitiate in 2009,
from where he had his hospital experience at Mumbwa, Zambia,
 and his pastoral experience at Chikuni mission. 
He is interested in Karare and volleyball. 
He is currently studying philosophy and humanities
at Arrupe College, Harare. 
Eventually he would like to be involved in the Jesuit social apostolate.

Caswell Machivenyika

Caswell T Machivenyika was born in1989, the fourth in his family.
His primary education was at Alfred Beit Primary School in Mabelreign. 
O-levels were at St Pauls Musami between 2002-05.
Then A-levels at Prince Edward School in 2006-7.
He was invited to join the novitiate on July 9, 2009,
and made first vows on the 9th July 2011.
He is passionate about sports, especially playing cricket and rugby.
He also enjoys watching television
especially the English Premier League.
He supports and loves Liverpool FC.

Orphah Ruzvidzo

Orphah Ruzvidzo comes from from Mutorashanga, Mount Darwin in Mashonaland Central province.
He did his primary at Ceaser Mine primary school, and then his
secondary education up to A-level at Mutorashanga High School.
He became a candidate for the Society of Jesus in 2007, while working for two years as a teacher at St Paul's mission Musami. 
He joined the Society of Jesus in 2009 at the Jesuit novitiate in Lusaka.
He is currently studying philosophy at Arrupe College in Harare.

Frank Taruona

Frank Taruwona was born in Shamva, and brought up in Gweru,
 where he attended school first at St Paul's,
then at Fletcher High and St Francis of Assisi High School.
He entered the Jesuit novitiate in 2009,
and had his hospital and pastoral experiences at Chirundu
and Chikuni in Zambia. 
He is currently studying at Arrupe College in Harare,
and is very interested in soccer.

Anold Zhou

 Anold Zhou grew up in Mberengwa
where he did his primary and secondary education.
He then moved to Harare for his Advanced level studies.
Thereafter, he worked for two years and studied accounts with Southern African Association of Accountants ( SAAA).
He joined the Jesuit novitiate in Lusaka on 9th July 2009,
where did his hospital experiment
at Mumbwa district hospital in Zambia,
and then his pastoral experiment  at Musami Mission, Zimbabwe.
Currently, he is studying for a degree in philosophy at Arrupe College Jesuit school of Philosophy and Humanities.


3rd Year

Tawanda Chamba

  Tawanda Chamba joined the novitiate in 2010.  
Currently he is studying for a degree in philosophy
at Arrupe College Jesuit School of Philosophy & Humanities.

Trust Dekwende

Trust Dekwende was born on 15 April 1985 in Harare.
He did his primary education at Warren Park 3 school
and his 'O' and 'A' levels at Warren Park High
and Mount Pleasant High schools respectively.
He completed his tertiary studies at Midlands State University in Gweru.
He entered the Jesuit Novitiate on 8 July 2010.
During the novitiate he had his hospital experience
at the Missionaries of Charity in Harare,
and pastoral experience at the Friends of Street Children
in Kitwe, Zambia.
The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and Ignatian spirituality
are his source of inspiration in the Society of Jesus.
He is interested in soccer and global socioeconomic events.

Regis Komtenza

Obert Komtenza was born in Mbare Harare on 10 November
and named Regis Obert Comtenza.
He attended schools in Mbare and Arcadia.  
The Eastern Highlands is the place were his ancestors lie,
though he knows not of the place. 

Tanaka Mashiche

Tanaka Cyril Mashiche was born in Harare.
He comes from Chirumhanzu
though his parish is St Canisius Marlborough. 
He went to Chishawasha Primary and Mazowe boys high.
After A Level he worked for the government,
at the same time helping at home with mushroom project.
He joined the Jesuits on 8 July 2010.
One of his novitiate experiences was at Kasisi Mission Farm
where he worked as a farmer.
His pastoral experience was St Peters Mbare as a teacher
and also working in the parish.
He made his simple, perpetual vows on 14 July 2012.

Albert Mugari

Albert Mugari was born on 26 April 1982 in Gutu, Masvingo.
He went to Chin’ai Primary, the Munyikwa Secondary School,
then to Morgan High School in Harare for A levels.
In 2002 he worked for Cut Rag Tobacco Processors
as a Quality Controller.
He graduated at Midlands State University in BSc (Honours) degree
in Music and Musicology.
After graduating in 2006 he worked as a full time sound engineer
at Shelter Recording Studios until 2008,
when he joined Tynwald  School as a music teacher until  July 2010.
He then  joined the Jesuit Novitiate in Lusaka.
He also worked as a part- time sound engineer
for the Social Communications Department
of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference.
During the novitiate, his hospital experience was at
Kasungu District Hospital in Malawi,
and pastoral experience at Kasisi Children’s Home in Lusaka.
He is currently studying at Arrupe College in Harare.
He enjoys nature walks, traveling and working with young people.

Nobert Munekani

Nobert Munekani was born on 24 April 1981 in Bulawayo,
where he grew up.
He did his primary education at Mazwi Primary School
and secondary education at Sikhulile High School.
He completed his tertiary education at St Bonaventure College
in Zambia.
His religious journey began as a Franciscan (OFM)
and he was with them for 6 years.
Before joining the Jesuit Novitiate on 8 July, 2010,
he worked for a few years at the Zimbabwe Bishops' Conference
as an Assistant to the Secretary General.
During the Novitiate he had his hospital experience
at the District Hospital in Mumbwa (Zambia)
and then did pastoral wrok at L'Arche disabled community in Harare.
He has just completed studies for a Masters degree Arrupe College.
and will be starting his regency at St Ignatius College
where he will be teaching and helping in administration.
Mid 2014 he will move back to Arrupe College,
to take over from Fungai Mawire as assistant minister.
Norbert is interested in matters of advocacy, social justice
and political analysis.
His hobbies are watching and playing soccer, volleyball and swimming.

Garikai Madavo

 Garikai Madavo was born on 17 May 1988 in Masvingo
His primary, secondary and tertiary education wasin the same province
at Rujeko Primary School, Victoria High School
and Great Zimbabwe University respectively.
While awaiting to go for novitiate,
he was attached at Jesuits Aids Project in Harare.  
Garikai joined the noviciate in 2010 after completing his first degree.
During his novitiate in Lusaka, he he spent some time teaching
at a community school at Kasisi,
and had his hospital experience at L'Arche Zimbabwe.
 He has just completed studies for a Masters degree Arrupe College.
He is interested in following global socio-political issues. 



2nd Year

Luis Matope

Tendai Matare

Ashton Mugozhi

Cashios Mutemachani


1st Year

Alex Dakamire

Tichafara Nerwande